Allie is an inspired educator that loves having the opportunity to playfully engage audiences on the art and act of being human. Her sense of humor, approachable outlook, and authentic voice, offers participants accessible and actionable change strategies for them to be their most radiant selves.

She regularly gives talks and workshops on: 

Mindful Living

In this talk/workshop, participants learn the foundational practice and application tactics of Mindful Living. Through education, interactive exercises, self-inquiry and group activities, participants will walk away with news skills to support their health and well-being, reduce stress, improve company culture and live more mindfully.

Diversity & Cultural Competency

In this training, participants will experientially learn about diversity, cultural competence, inclusivity, and equanimity. Through hands-on exercises, team members will have the opportunity to better understand the challenges, opportunities, stereotypes, assumptions, expectations, and judgments present amidst differences. We will explore the topics of respect, time, leadership, and appreciation from multiple perspectives and powerful listening / communication exercises. Participants will come out of this workshop with a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Communication Skills

In this talk/workshop, participants learn the power of their voices through skills in active listening and compassionate communication. Understanding the reasons why we react, participants will gain insight into the power of observation and self-responsibility in order to use communication as a means for courage and transformative action. These skills will help them build deeper relationships both in and outside of the workplace.


Transformative Leadership

In this workshop, participants will be asked to mindfully and compassionately evaluate their lives through exploring what holds them back while understanding opportunities for them to create transformational changes in their lives. Utilizing these discoveries, they will undergo a creative process to access courage and purposeful action both in and outside of the workplace. Through education, interactive activities, self-reflective exercises, and easy-to-implement tools, students will be given the understanding of how to break free of roadblocks, move forward on their path and lead meaningful and authentic lives.


“Allie is so knowledgeable, non-judgmental, approachable, relatable, and real! I truly appreciated her willingness to share her own struggles – I loved everything about her talk.” — Lindsey, Nielsen Employee

"The speaker was truly an expert in her field." 

"I appreciated Allie's approach in delivering the content. Often times I am weary of these events due to the speaker conveying an air of superiority over the audience. I enjoyed the audience engagement and thought Allie did a great job of recognizing when the room wasn't open to engaging in an open dialogue." — Zendesk Employee

"This workshop was the perfect balance of stimulating, thoughtful content and meaningful activity. Allie is knowledgable, dynamic, and insightful, and I really appreciated that she was prepared and presented authentically." — Lizzie, West Employee

"Great content, Allie was relatable and had such a no-nonsense approach to the material, making it engaging and easy to understand." — Zendesk Employee

"Hands down the best Houseguest we've had. It was relatable, actionable and a very positive experience for well-being." — Nest Employee