Allie Stark Wellness offers a uniquely creative and integrative approach to support and empower individuals and organizations to live in courageous chronic health.

Allie Stark is a no-nonsense, wellness warrior. As a mindfulness based wellness coach and health consultant, she inspires her clientele to take risks and redefine what it means to be human.

With over a decade of experience in the field of integrative health, Allie is a thought-leader, storyteller and a mover-and-shaker. She uses her work as a wellness coach, health consultant, speaker and writer to share, teach and empower others to go against the grain and listen to their gut.

Allie uses her experience with illness as an opportunity to ask the big questions and have the hard conversations. She believes that courage, self-compassion, and vulnerable expression are the foundation of optimal health and well-being. She knows that saying no to something or someone else, often means saying yes to yourself. She believes in the power of gratitude, compassionate communication and building integrity-filled relationships as a means for overcoming persistent pain and illness. She understands chronic health to include self-knowing, self-acceptance and self-love. 


"Thanks to Allie, I am learning that optimal health can only be achieved when you are self-compassionate, authentic, courageous, and vulnerable. She has empowered me to dig really deep, invest in my self-care, and value my health in its entirety. The path to transformation isn't easy and it can be quite uncomfortable, but I can promise you that Allie will be by your side advocating for you in the most compassionate, energetic, and inspiring way! Working with her has been truly a gift." — Megan

"Having been trained in the art of mindfulness strategies and techniques learned from Allie, has allowed me to take a more positive view of the stresses of everyday life. Employing this awareness during the day has allowed me to manage these stresses so that I am now able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. Unlike any other healthcare approach, mindfulness techniques can be employed during any waking hour." — Chris

"Allie is a wise, warm, thoughtful, compassionate, and loving person who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wellness, mindfulness, and life in general. I got so much out of our sessions and always left feeling inspired and wanting more time with her! I highly recommend her to those of you seeking someone to gently help you step into alignment with your health and life goals." — Jen


Learn to live with more balance, courage, and authenticity. Allie's individual health and nutrition coaching sessions provide you with the opportunity to explore and let-go of old behavioral patterns. Working together you will learn easy-to-implement lifestyle tools to help you become your most easeful and radiant self.  

Engage and ignite your audience with a passionate speaker and facilitator who offers workshops in what it means to be human. Allie's genuine, approachable and warm-hearted nature allows her to empower groups to actively assess their health and well-being, while learning tools to help improve their everyday lives.

We partner with an expert team of teachers and practitioners to bring comprehensive on-site wellness programming for organizations and integrative healthcare for individuals. Both our wellness programs and integrative protocols are created to meet the unique needs of each company and individual.