We partner with an expert team of teachers and practitioners to bring comprehensive on-site wellness programming for organizations and integrative healthcare for individuals. Both our wellness programs and integrative protocols are created to meet the unique needs of each company and individual.

On-Site Program Outcomes:

  • Improved quality of life

  • Increased workplace satisfaction

  • Higher workplace productivity & presenteeism

  • Increased sense of ease & well-being

  • Reduction in stress and related chronic health conditions

Kim Sin Office Yoga                                     


Kim Sin is a San Francisco based yoga instructor and entrepreneur, whose mission is to bring accessible, effective yoga and mindfulness programs to the workplace. In 2011 she founded Kim Sin Yoga (KSY), which partners with leading Bay Area companies to design and implement office yoga and mindfulness programs. Kim teaches an accessible style of Vinyasa yoga and presents it in a way that is approachable, effective, memorable and fun.

Kim Sin Office Yoga is a team of yoga and meditation teachers who deliver smart, accessible wellness services to your workplace. KSY develops a program and class schedule unique for each client based on their goals, timing and space constraints. By taking the intimidation and awkwardness out of the equation, Kim’s team makes corporate yoga and mindfulness more relatable, effective, and fun.

“Kim is, simply put, fantastic!  She's engaging, yet challenging. She customizes each class to work with the particular participants who show up that day, and always adds a sense of humor and lightness to the session.” — Janetta, VP of HR at


Dr. Laura Figoski, Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Laura Figoski works with people who have chronic disease. With her extensive medical training, specialty lab tests and holistic assessment, she works to identify the root cause of her patient's health concerns and crafts comprehensive wellness plans tailored to address their individual needs.

"Dr. Laura is one of the few doctors I've met that really knows how to listen to her patients!  She took the time to fully understand my health history instead of rushing me in and out the door.  I love that my treatment plan was personalized specifically for my health needs and I'm already starting to feel better than I have in a while." — Gillian

Dr. Figoski is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon. She received extensive training in all the typical science-based areas of medicine in addition to in-depth learnings in the natural healing tools of nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy, hands-on bodywork, and stress/emotion management. Dr. Figoski sees herself as a guide, partner and ally with you on your own journey of health.  

Dr. Ricky Fishman, Chiropractic


Dr. Fishman utilizes an integrative approach to Chiropractic, whereby he explores the various stresses of life that effect each individual. These may be physical (unbalanced work station), chemical (poor nutrition), or emotional (unsatisfying personal life). By looking at the whole person, he is able to determine the causes of dysfunction and pain, and then recommend an appropriate course of treatment.

"Dr. Fishman is great! He was the only chiropractor who could see me within 24 hours within a mile radius of my apartment last year when I tweaked my back. After a few visits, the pain was gone and I had regained normal range of motion. I now see Dr. Fishman for regular maintenance. He's friendly, personable, and professional." — Cortney

Dr. Ricky Fishman has been a Doctor of Chiropractic since 1986, and the Co-Director of Chiromedica, a holistic health care center, since 1988. As a leader in the field of integral healing, he has brought together and assimilated the work of chiropractors, medical doctors, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, physical therapists and massage therapists. His philosophy of treatment addresses the whole being of each person.