Health coaching supports clients in setting and enacting wellness goals. Working together, you and Allie will co-create activities and conversation that encourage you to mindfully and compassionately evaluate your life. By developing self-awareness and self-responsibility, you will learn to implement practical behavioral skills built from your unique strengths and authentic expression. 

These sessions are perfect for people interested in:

  • Stress reduction & mindfulness techniques

  • Developing long-lasting self-care practices

  • Improving nutrition & nourishment

  • Establishing a movement routine

  • Aligning with life purpose

  • Learning to manage persistent pain & illness

  • Creating healthful relationships

  • Learning to communicate compassionately 



There is NO perfect diet or nutrition plan for everyone. There is NO such thing as “good” or “bad” foods and fads. Allie’s extensive knowledge in functional medicine, nutritional therapies, and whole-foods cooking, allows her to create individualized eating plans that are mindful, flexible, fun, and long-lasting.

Allie is also trained and certified in First Line Therapy and BIA, a form of personalized lifestyle medicine to prevent and manage persistent illness. 

These sessions are perfect for people interested in:

  • Mindful eating

  • Weight loss

  • Food allergies & sensitivities

  • Persistent illness & pain management

  • Disordered eating

  • Digestive wellness

  • Chronic health


"Allie is very warm and personable, able to make you feel, upon your first meeting, like you've been friends for years. As a master health coach she can immediately assess your style of learning and offer insights and applications which you can implement that very day. It's been fun to journey along with her!" — Debbie

"I have worked with therapists before and what sets Allie apart is the immediate connection I felt with her. She has an amazing ability to provide honest no bull*$% insights while leaving behind judgement and negativity. I must admit I'm not always receptive to things I don't want to hear, but there is a genuine and calm manner about Allie that makes you feel like you have a great partner walking you through the storm. Allie will continue to be in my life like any other essential support system for a very very long time." — Chelsi

"Allie was my yoga teacher originally. I was wary of the idea of a wellness coach, but needed some nutrition/health counseling, and started working with her - what a pleasant surprise! I've learned so much, and she's helped me so much, in so many ways -- in a very comfortable, supportive, non-judgmental way that is creative, insightful, and effective. She's a tremendous resource and a special soul. — Karin

"Allie is a professional who will guide and support you in your journey to discover the answers and solutions that you desperately crave. She gently encourages you to accomplish the goals that you set in each session without making it feel like homework; no hand holding just an open-mind and plenty of support. If you're willing to put in the work but you're not quite sure where to focus your efforts, Allie can help you create magic in your life! Some professionals are in it for the money, but Allie really wants you to be the best version of you, as defined by you." — Erika