What's Your Definition of Success?

I spent the weekend attending an incredibly heart-warming workshop with my professional role model and mentor, Lissa Rankin, MD. Although I found myself captivated during most of the sessions and group circles, I was particularly inspired by the definition that Lissa read to us on what success means to her.

As a health coach, I am constantly working with people on exploring ways to more deeply connect with themselves, their community, and the environment. What better activity to acknowledge these circles of connection then through an integrative and whole-hearted definition of success.

So… I dare you, go grab a pen and your journal and write out what success means to YOU. I’ve included my definition below if you are in need of extra guidance.

To me, success is not measured by my professional title, material possessions, amount of money in my bank account, the way I look, or the number of individuals that I claim as part of my “circle”. Success is having a strong, unwavering, sense of self that seamlessly supports how I engage in my relationships, make personal and professional decisions, and follow on the unique and divine path of my own purpose. Success is having a small, intimate, inner circle of friends and family that know they are my first priority and are willing to offer openness, compassionate communication, honest feedback, and vulnerability with me. Success is dancing, playing, and laughing in nature in a way that reminds me of the vast expansiveness of the human experience. Success is doing work in service to the world that is integrity-filled and heart-centric. Success is slowing down, listening to my body, and not getting trapped in society’s sexy sell of “busyness”. Success is fresh food from sustainable sources, clean water, and the time to sit and delight in the art of eating with the people that I love. Although money and financial abundance is not my definition of success, it is a byproduct of my work in a way that allows me to feel safe and supported in having my needs met without stress or worry.

Most of all, success is celebrating the gifts of my imperfections in a way that allows me to constantly grow, change, and evolve with endless gratitude and overwhelming awe.